My love of coaching was sparked when I attended an intensive coaching training during my corporate career that spanned a decade from age 19 until my Saturn return in 2017. 

I’d had a taste, and I knew coaching would be my work. 

A seed had been planted. 


In 2017 I became certified as a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. 

Between 2018 and 2022 I trained in Sacred Soul Guidance Mentor with Alana Fairchild, Emotional Freedom Technique and Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

In February 2023 I began a degree in Psychology with Counselling with the Open University and am also studying for a Diploma in Mindfulness-based CBT. 

I’ve completed over a 1000 hours of coaching and have worked with over 100 clients across 7 countries.

During all of this training and the incredible experiences of working with amazing clients, I have been navigating my own private spiritual journey since 2012.

When I started my business in 2017 I hadn’t yet experienced any truly deep healing.  The business unintentionally became a catalyst for all of the unprocessed experiences of my past. It also became the vehicle for every dream I had for the future. 

I spiralled between the two. 

I lost myself; in unrelenting messages from other coaches on social media about what my business should be, could be. 

I lost myself; in chasing ideas of success that weren’t mine. 

And finally, I lost myself; in the best way…

When I began learning about present awareness from teachers like Michael Singer, Rupert Spira and my own personal experiences, and I found the peace I’d been looking for in healing the past and changing the future.

I found it right here, right now, with life exactly as it is.

I practiced becoming more consciously aware of the ever present peace of awareness.

Life will never be perfect. Life as a human is equally hard and beautiful. Acceptance of it all is the key. At least, it has been and continues to be, for me. 

My beloved Nan sang this song to me throughout my life:

Qué será, seráWhatever will be, will beThe future’s not ours to seeQué será, será

And she was right. 


I live in Norfolk, UK with my guitar-obsessed fiancé Rob and our sweet Cavapoo, Winnie.


My work is influenced by, and I am deeply grateful to, Michael Singer and David R Hawkins. 

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