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And receive 6 coaching sessions with me as a bonus!


I trained with BYCA in May 2017 and had a wonderful experience.

Not only did I learn the key skills required to become a great Life Coach, I also met some amazing people, including 2 women I now call my best friends.

I also grew a lot personally and gained confidence in myself and my abilities to create a business. 

BYCA brunch in London where I first met my besties Emilia Francesca & Louise Claire Gates


One of my top highlights during the course was going to Paris for the BYCA Inspiration Day where we saw Rebecca Campbell speak. It was a powerful weekend and I highly recommend attending a BYCA inspiration day if you have the opportunity to!  I loved meeting Julie Parker and the rest of the BYCA training team, as well as fellow students past and present.

And seeing the Eiffel Tower with a glass of prosecco didn’t hurt either! 😉

Meeting Julie Parker and Rebecca Campbell in Paris!



The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is a nine month intensive learning experience that teaches people how to become a heart centered life coach and build a thriving life coaching practice. 

I highly recommend BYCA to anyone who is committed to becoming a great Life Coach and is willing to continually grow and learn.   The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is an approved education provider of the International Coaching Federation, which was really important to me when I was selecting a training provider. 

As a proud affiliate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, if you sign up to the course via me you will receive a 6 session coaching series with me completely free of charge.  And as I’m a certified BYCA coach, these sessions can be used toward your own certification if you choose that route.

I can only provide the 6 complimentary sessions if you add my name in the box shown in the image either below or to the right (depending on whether you’re on mobile or laptop) at the time of signing up for the course.




If you have any questions about BYCA feel free to reach out to me at and I’ll be happy to help you as much as I can.


Emma x