Marketing and non-duality

Its really very simple.  

Marketing driven from a place of lack and needing it to produce a specific outcome results in stress, disappointment, feelings of failure and burnout. 

On the other hand, marketing as the natural outcome of an overflow of love, curiosity and organic sharing in the moment is not going to create suffering.

Any attempt to control the future leads to suffering. Because you cannot force things to happen, no matter how hard you try. 

What is the highest potential for an orange tree? 

If you said fruit you are wrong.

The highest potential for the orange tree is the orange blossom.

As much as it can do is to produce the blossoms and no more than allow the bees to pollinate, resulting in fruit. 

You are like the orange tree. 

All you can do is produce the blossoms and know you are living out your highest potential when you do. 

When I say ‘produce the blossoms’ there is no-one who has to strive to do this. It is a natural function which has no doer. 

It is the doer who creates the suffering. The doer believes in cause and effect, the future, control, power, free will and that it has a say. 

It’s not real. The doer is an illusion created by the left side of your brain. 

There is no doer in you any more than there is a doer in the orange tree that grows, sucks nutrients up through its roots, converts sunlight into food and everything else. 

Without the doer there is no stress, no rush, no deep need to create, market, sell or do anything at all. 

There is just what’s happening.

There is just writing happening, words being typed, emails being sent, websites being created, podcasts being recorded, videos being filmed. 

All of it happening, as a simple, organic lifeforce just like the tree. 

There may be much protest from the doer about this. It will insist that money is needed and business takes hard work and that we must immediately get to work to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

But really those words are just thoughts appearing in the moment, and they don’t have to be acted upon or played out. Simple seeing them for what they are can be helpful. 

Where is your marketing coming from? Force or organic, natural occurrence?

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