you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.

– Jon Kabat-Zinn

ABOUT present awareness coaching

Let me save you the scroll, it’s £88 per session and your first one is half price.

When I trained as a Life Coach in 2017 I learned to help my clients create an exciting vision for their future. We would work towards that vision by removing blocks, working on beliefs and taking inspired action.

What I’ve learned since working with over 100 clients and 1000 hours of coaching, is that we can never know what the future holds and we have much less influence over it than we think. (sorry, but it’s true, if you could change the future, a past version of you would’ve already created the perfect life for you right now).

Whenever you create a goal in life for improving the future, you send out powerful energy that declares life here and now isn’t what you want.

I call it ‘future tripping’. The backwards law explains why this isn’t a great idea:


My coaching clients in the past set goals they believed would create feelings of peace, happiness and contentment. 

It goes something like; when I have X (more money, a relationship, changes to my body, a new fulfilling career) then I’ll be happy.  So they set a goal to acquire X. 

Aiming for what they believe life has to be for them to fully accept, rather than resist it. 

There seems to be an intuitive understanding in all humans that acceptance of life will lead to the greatest peace.

Present Awareness Coaching is different in that it guides you to the positive experience of acceptance in life as it is in every moment.

We cut out the middle man and go straight for the acceptance, hence the peace. 

This isn’t a passive process or a #love&light spiritual bypassing of challenging moments, it’s about meeting life in the most real, intimate and true way.

Together we learn how meet our lives and ourselves, as they are, with courage and awe. 


benefits of present awareness coaching

  • Less getting consumed by swirling thoughts and emotional rollercoasters.
  • Greater understanding of yourself and your true nature.
  • Freedom from having to strive for the future.
  • Ability to make peace with the past and be with difficult memories without being consumed by them.
  • Improved cognitive ability and decision making.
  • Noticing and experiencing the magic of everyday moments more frequently.

Each experience of present awareness is unique. Your experience is inherently special because you’re the only person who ever has and ever will experience life as you do.

 working together

Each one hour session is time and space just for you. I create a warm, relaxed and peaceful environment where together we allow anything to arise.

Here’s what happens in a session:

  • After an initial welcome to the session I’ll invite you to share what’s coming up for you.
  • I’ll listen to you, reflect back to you and ask you questions and we’ll be in you-centred conversation until you feel fully expressed.
  • I’ll invite you into deeper awareness through questions, guided meditation or other therapeutic approaches.
  • You can share about your experience and together we’ll integrate insights.
  • You may choose to leave our session with ideas, practices or actions that you’re inspired to undertake.


session information

Sessions are £88 each. Your first session is half price, £44. 

After our initial session I’ll email you details of packages available including multi-session discounts for if / when you’d like to continue working together.

For more practical info, head to the FAQ.




Client feedback

‘This sacred space gave me the opportunity to connect with my truth and every session led me deeper into a frequency that felt really true.’

‘This shifted something in me regarding how I view ego and surrender, and what it means to actually have a spiritual practice.’

‘I feel coaching with you has been a key part to my spiritual path, and in every session I felt ease and direct access to truth. Even in the hardest and darkest of my moments.’

‘We really did move mountains every week.’

“Emma is the clearest mirror I have ever been coached by. Her finesse of seeing me and my patterns so clearly, and guiding me into exploring them in the most empowered ways allowed me to rocket ship through my limitations at lightening speed.’

‘This experience taught me how to love. To love myself and to love life, exactly as it is.’


Booking your first session

The first step is always the hardest. I promise to make it easy and gentle.

To support your transition into this experience, I offer the first session half price.