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Where conscious coaches breathe a sigh of relief, refocus, and prioritise their true nature so they can enjoy their work, create new business opportunities and learn how to fully trust and embrace the journey

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 Sustainable business    |    organic action    |    self sourced

Let me save you the scroll 😉 It’s 5 months and the investment in the group experience is £195 p/m.

If you choose to add monthly 1:1 calls, it’s £445p/m.

Now let’s get on to the good stuff…

Are you…

  • Trying to do all the things.  Swinging between throwing everything at it and then having to stop because you’re burned out.

  • Lacking clarity on the next steps in business, feeling stuck, or hazy OR you have the vision but don’t know how to create it.

  • Fed up of comparing yourself to others and feeling like you come up short in business. Seeing others create amazing things, but feeling like it’s just not happening for you even though you’re committed. 

  • Every few months or weeks the same issues crop up leaving you feeling stressed, anxious and worried

  • Scared that you’ll always have to do things that don’t feel good to reach your business goals because of you’re seeing successful people do

The Sanctuary is designed to…

  • Help you to create a grounded, sustainable and nervous-system-friendly business

  • Provide a reflective, open and supportive space for you receive nourishment, guidance, feedback and questions that change everything

  • Help you to create a strong, flexible foundation for you and your business to thrive  

  • Guide you through releasing, healing and integrating fears, stress, anxiety and worry about your business

  • Help you to disengage from the noise and comparison and do what feels right for you without second guessing yourself

Is The Sanctuary right for you?

It’s a yes if you…

Feel able to fully commit to this process in terms of time, mental capacity, emotional availability and spiritual willingness.

Can honestly describe yourself as ambitious, rebellious, open, curious and self-aware.

Have a specific project in mind for our time together that you’re willing to devote your time and energy to, with support.

Are ready to fully let go of any victim mentality conditioning and take responsibility for your life & business.

Are someone who does not have significant, unresolved trauma that you have not yet worked through with a professional therapist / expert.

About Emma

Your collaborator and guide in The Sanctuary


  • Lifelong student of Consciousness and practioner of its application

  • Projector in Human Design

  • Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, Gemini rising

  • Fave quote: Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished – Lao Tzu

  • Equal parts practical and magical

  • Idealist with a logical edge

  • Where I’ve been: 10 years ‘successful’ corporate muggle life – 2008 – 2018

  • Internationally Certified Coach – 2017

  • Where I’m going: Psychology degree – 2023

  • UK born and currently residing near the forest in Norfolk

  • Avid reader of all the things

  • ENFP (Although the E is debatable!)

  • Gentle business advocate 
  • Main influences on me and my work: Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, David R Hawkins, Michael A Singer, Nature.

You’ll receive…

What past clients say…

Each journey is unique.

If you’d like to hear about the experiences of previous clients you can click below to watch us in conversation in an ever-growing library of amazing women sharing about the experience, or read their words below

“Emma is the clearest mirror I have ever had the pleasure of being coached by. Her finesse of seeing me and my patterns so clearly, and guiding me into exploring them in the most empowered ways allowed me to rocketship through my limitations at lightning speed. Her combination of sage online business wisdom and her ability to guide me in alignment with my highest self brought me to my highest launch ever during our time together, which was also my launch with the most fun and the least amount of stress.

Even when I didn’t know what I needed or wanted to ask, Emma always knew what I needed. I am truly grateful for our time together.”

~ Alexandra Danieli

I feel coaching with you has been a key part to my spiritual path, and in every session I felt ease and direct access to truth.
Even in the hardest and darkest of my moments.
Thank you for trusting me and this container so deeply.
No one ever has had that level of trust in me (not even me), and
THAT is huge. That made all the difference.
That is life changing. Wow.

– Carolina Schulze

Our coaching journey helped me to have the confidence to do things my way, with so much support and encouragement. I feel like I finally understand how to run my business in a way that works for me and my highly-sensitive nature.

Our work together contributed to my highest month ever in business since I started, and I actually enjoyed it too! Hallelujah! 

– Louise Thomas

Working with you has been such an enriching experience. You are so kind, so gentle, and yet so skilled at guiding your clients to big realisations, shifts in perception, new actions & impactful changes.

Such wise words flowed naturally from you that I often used to wonder…. how does she do this??! She is ON FIRE this morning!! Maybe she drinks cacao too?!

– Aisling Jackson

Having never worked with a coach before I was unsure what to expect but after having a tarot card reading from Emma I remembered how connected I was to the spiritual world and how I had lost touch. After our very first session I felt like a light had been switched on.

I’ve learned to listen to myself and trust my intuition. I’m now respecting what I want and putting myself first for the first time, in a long time. In terms of career, I’m so excited to start my new business and I have the belief that I can do it!  I’m really feeling my power!

The coaching experience has been empowering, loving, and inspiring  I’m so excited for my future and it’s thanks to your love and support throughout this coaching process.

– Beth T

My coaching journey was so much more powerful than I expected, even though I came in with high expectations! 

I’m running my business more in alignment with my feminine energy and I feel overall much more connected to my own truth and power, as well as welcome in my first ever paying client as a result of our coaching.


– Katie L

Ready to begin?

Time is a human beings most valuable resource. I’m very particular about who I spend it with and I hope you are too.

For that reason, you’re invited to spend some time with me on an intro call before you join The Sanctuary.  This call is an opportunity for us both to ask questions, connect and learn more about each other. 


what time are the calls? And when do we begin?

The calls will take place on a weekday between the hours of 9am – 3pm UK time. Actual dates and times will be defined and confirmed once the group has gathered. If you have specific limits on when you’ll be able to attend calls you can let me know about this on our introductory call and I’ll be able to let you know if it can be accommodated. If its right, it always works out <3 

We’ll start when the group has gathered, expected early January 2023.

What results can I expect?

If you’ve spent years setting goals, chasing outcomes, and trying everything but your manifesting only works some of the time then I’m going to guess you’re ready for something new.  Buddha said desire is the root of suffering and I will not begin this experience with you by planting seeds of suffering.

The way I work doesn’t prioritise specific end results because when you begin an experience by defining what will happen in the future you limit possibilities. I want us totally unlimited. That being said, you will create some intentions supported by the Sanctuary process that avoids the pitfalls of normal goal setting.

It takes a lot of courage to step into the unknown and that’s part of the magic. Courage is the crossover state from a life of force to a life of power. The act of trusting your hearts calling to this work and moving into the incredible blank space of the unknown initiates the consciousness of courage which magnetises more opportunity, beauty and simplicity into your life.

One thing I can tell you that happens with every client is the breaking down of some fundamental, foundational beliefs.

These are the kinds of beliefs that you don’t even consider to be a belief, to you they are simply how life is. They have never been questioned before, you wouldn’t have even thought to question them because you don’t even see them, despite the fact that they are ruling every thought, every feeling and every action you take. I show them to you as a reflection and only when you see them can you choose to let them go. This is the freedom your heart has searched for.

It’s a process that works. I have been doing this work for years and my clients often say they never could’ve imagined where the work would take them in all sorts of wonderful ways. Together we’ll create intentions that are flexible and unlike any other goals you’ve ever set.

Part of the commitment you’re saying yes to is to be open and willing to be dazzled, surprised and delighted by life.


is this just for coaches?

The Sanctuary is suitable for anyone who runs a business which involves holding space for others.

other questions?

If you’ve read through this page thoroughly but have a question that hasn’t been answered you’re welcome to email me on

not quite ready for the sanctuary?

You can get a taste of this work via self-paced training & initiations: