searching for freedom

Written August 2022


Good, bad.

Heaven, hell.

Want, don’t want. 

The mind draws a line between states and puts good, heaven, and things it wants on one side, and bad, hell and things it doesn’t want on the other side. 

There simply cannot be freedom from this place. 

The mind would say that the ‘good’ side is the freedom side. It would place the word freedom firmly into the ‘good’ category. 

In this way we can see that from the perspective of mind, freedom is in fact impossible. Because freedom is everything. Freedom is absolutely all-inclusive.

Through the lens of the mind, there are colours it likes and colours it doesnt like. But freedom isn’t having a choice of limited ‘good’ colours, it’s having ALL the colours. 

Because of this, it’s impossible to experience true freedom through the lens of the mind. The mind uses the terms I and me. Essentially, the mind is what we believe ourselves to be. The mind IS the I. 

Hence, true freedom is not something that ‘I’ experiences. 

True freedom is here, beneath the categorisation of the mind. 

True freedom is what’s left when there is a sinking down, beneath the sense of self, or I. 

From this space of awareness, freedom is already here, in the space where anything can arise. 

It’s the quality of ‘anything can arise’ which is reflective of freedom. Freedom is not simply the things your mind has labeled as good, like money, travel or success. It’s what’s left, naturally, when those categories dissolve. 

That’s all it could possibly be. Freedom doesn’t exist where there are borders. It only exists beyond them.

And that is what you truly are, ever-present borderless awareness, that is inherently free already. 

So stop searching for freedom. Because the searcher is the mind, and the mind, by its nature, can never find this. 

Freedom is already here. Everywhere.