Stop working on beliefs, and focus on what you truly know

Transcription of an audio recording from April 2022

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my beliefs. Trying to change them as a way to heal and thrive.  Training as a life coach and then running a life coaching business for 6 years intensified this process. 

As I reflect now, I see that trying to change beliefs isn’t something I’ll be placing so much of my energy into, here’s why:

The problem with a belief is that it naturally comes with doubt as its opposite. Living life by constantly working on and changing beliefs leads to this swinging pendulum between belief and doubt. It’s exhausting and disheartening.

Let’s use a simple analogy with a lottery ticket. When you believe it’s the winning ticket, there might be hope and an expanded feeling. However, doubt may also linger, creating a seesaw effect between belief and uncertainty. This swing occurs because belief inherently contains doubt.

To move beyond this swing, we should consider what we deeply know, rather than what we believe. When we truly know something, there is no swing towards doubt or uncertainty in the experience. Knowing brings us to a place of peace, freeing us from the constant balancing act of belief vs. doubt.

This idea extends to other aspects of life, where duality can trap us in swings between good and bad, heaven and hell, and so on. The notion of being ‘good enough’ is similarly subject to swinging perceptions.

To transcend this duality, step back and ask, ‘What do I truly know?’ The only constant is our awareness of the present moment. Bodies change, beliefs change, thoughts change, and sensations change, but awareness remains.

Spend time exploring this unchanging awareness; it holds the key to understanding our true selves.

Awareness is the only thing we can confidently know, making it the foundation of peace. This understanding might challenge the mind, but this comes from an intuitive knowing beyond the mental realm.