Choosing a profitable niche

Narrow your focus, broaden your appeal

A comprehensive no-fluff course

As someone who avoided narrowing my niche for a long time, I understand the resistance that can come when considering ‘niching down’. 

This course heals that resistance and invites you into being okay with a strategic approach to your work. Having a clear and specific niche creates strong foundations for making your business easier to run and more profitable. 

Without a clear niche you end up…

  • Cycling between phases of confusion and inspiration, financial highs and lows with no long term sustainability

  • Feeling like nobody cares about your work even though you know it’s more valuable / deeper / more powerful than most of what’s out there

  • Wasting a time and energy comparing yourself to other people, that, if you’re honest, kinda make you cringe anyway 😉

  • A stubborn inner knowing that you can create a profitable business that you love, but it’s hazy, ungrounded and firmly placed in the manifest-it storyline rather than grounded practicality. (nothing wrong with magic my friend, BUT you gotta do the real work too)

Discovering your profitable niche…

  • Gives you a grounded, clear, objective and focussed energy for your marketing and offerings (and clarity tastes so sweet)

  • Makes it easier for your customers to find you get you, pay you and benefit from your work (the holy grail amiright)

  • Helps you to own the value of your work and stand powerfully in it (no more second-guessing or comparing your work to others thank you very much)

  • A clear foundation for long-term profitability in your business, and everything else that gives you (peace, fulfillment, security anyone?)

What you receive:

  • Instant access to 4 concise video lessons walking you through the process of choosing an aligned and profitable niche (1 hour total – I value your time)

  • Access to 4 accompanying PDF worksheets guiding you through the process of choosing a niche that will bring clarity, ease and greater profit potential to your business


  • Confidence and clarity on the value that deeply narrowing your niche will provide, even if you’re worried about going too niche



  • What is a niche?
  • Choosing a niche strategy that works for your energy
  • Overcoming resistance to niching down
  • The importance of a niche (a personal story and example)
  • The benefits of niching
  • Getting clear on the broadest section of your market
  • 4 steps to choosing your profitable niche
  • Tapping into language that your customers are already searching for
  • Profitability check points
  • What to do if you’re not ready to choose a niche yet
  • How long should you commit to your chosen niche?
  • Applying your niche to all areas of your business – an overview

Your course presenter for

Choosing a profitable niche

Emma Jane Argent is a Coach for women subjected to good girl programming who grew up to be a lightworker running a ‘soul mission’ business.

She assists in the deconditioning process and illuminates the truth: that the opposite of being good isn’t being bad, it’s the freedom you’ve been searching for. 

Her clients embrace their whole selves, dark and all, stepping into their power and honing their strategic gifts for grounded presence and results in life, business and spiritual connection.

The dark feminine is here to guide the way.