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Spiritual, pyschological & emotional counsel for peace & presence

Traditional life coaching aims to help you reach goals in the future.

Therapy helps you make sense of your past.

The work I do in Present Awareness Coaching is about now, becoming accepting of, and in awe of, what’s right in front of you. Always in all ways.

Freeing your mind, body, heart and soul from patterns of your past and unhooking from dreaming of a Pinterest-board-future has the power to transform your experience of life in many profound and beautiful ways! ✨


about me

Hi, I’m Emma.  I’ve been working as a Coach since 2017 and on my own spiritual journey since 2012.  I value deep conversation, courage, beauty and integrity. I’m known to be reading 5 books at any one time, finding my heart most at home in nature and always learning something new. Learn more about me.



Client feedback

‘This sacred space gave me the opportunity to connect with my truth and every question led me deeper (or higher) into a frequency that felt really true.’

‘This shifted something in me regarding how I view ego and surrender, and what it means to actually have a spiritual practice.’

‘I feel coaching with you has been a key part to my spiritual path, and in every session I felt ease and direct access to truth. Even in the hardest and darkest of my moments.’

‘We really did move mountains every week.’

“Emma is the clearest mirror I have ever been coached by. Her finesse of seeing me and my patterns so clearly, and guiding me into exploring them in the most empowered ways allowed me to rocket ship through my limitations at lightening speed.’

‘This experience taught me how to love. To love myself and to love life, exactly as it is.’


Booking your first session

The first step is always the hardest. I promise to make it easy and gentle.

To support your transition into this experience, I offer the first session half price.